Camping & Glamping

Need a place to camp around Algonquin Park?

Four Corners Algonquin Camping and Glamping

Sleep under the light of a thousand stars. Since opening our doors, we have hosted over a thousand people from over two dozen countries and treated each one to an authentic, but comfortable, Canadian wilderness camping experience. Whether you’re a first-timer, a family, or a seasoned back-country wilderness expert, we can provide a service level that fits your degree of camping-readiness at a price point that fits your budget. We are a family friendly, budget friendly wilderness camping experience with less work and some of the comforts of home: definitely better than a highway camping experience, and definitely NOT a hotel-in-the-woods type of experience! We call it glamping because we've taken the heavy lifting out of the camping experience for you... we supply the tent, the beds, and some basic amenities. We offer different ‘upgrades’ a la carte (including a linen service) to make sure guests have what they need, but we are not in any way a hotel-in-the-woods. Our campers are curious and independent adventurers. Visit Four Corners Algonquin Here